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What Matters To You in the Presidential Election of 2024??

We are still a way off from picking a new President of the United States, but not that far off, after all, time flies. But what matters most to you when deciding who you will vote for? Are you still deciding that?

The candidates are out on the campaign trail, and accusations and names are already being called. Songs like Rich Men North Of Richmond are being played at Presidential debates and the divides don't seem to be closing... or are they? I keep hearing something different than what I see portrayed in the media. On the ground, most people I speak with seem pretty fed up with a two-party system where both parties just seem hungry for power, forgetting their first duty is to us, the American people.

One candidate seemingly unphased by abiding by the two-party system expectations of stepping aside for the incumbent president is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He recently made stops across South Carolina, and I was lucky enough to steal some time with him and his campaign manager.

They were gracious enough to sit down with a local podcast to talk about how a Kennedy presidency would revive the concept of community. You can listen to this episode HERE or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Here at Conversation Mill we are not endorsing one candidate over another, we are just trying to have conversations, ask questions that align with the mission of the podcast around community, local government, and small business. I hope that other candidates traveling through South Carolina will accept our request to ask them a few questions.

You can see full videos of my conversations with Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Kucinich at

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