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Is trickle-down economics dead? Giant corporations don't want us to think so; they continue to market to the masses, convincing us that we need them for their health benefits and steady employment. They promise employment untilt hey find a cheaper way to do it or a way to consolidate.  


But what if we brought back thriving local economies? What if small business owners could afford to offer benefits and promotions? What if city and state governments had tax incentives and more for the small business owner instead of the big box stores?  


Some say it is too late to turn the tide. Here at Conversation Mill we don't believe that. We believe in learning from each other, fighting for freedoms on our farms and in our cities. We believe by listening to one another we can start healing division that our political parties encourage.  

Here at Conversation Mill we create conversations where unsung, everyday heroes of of our communities get to share their stories and inspire actual change, that benefits the many instead of the few.  


Conversation Mill aims to connect listeners to members of their community and community members around the globe; through conversations exploring how we can become better through listening and sharing our experiences. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, local performers, city and state representatives, medical professionals, and educators share their stories, struggles, and the things that motivate them to continue to build up their local community.

You can listen to Conversation Mill wherever you listen to podcasts or click on any of the podcast platform links on the home page.

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Being a small business owner myself and having worked for family-owned businesses, including a family-owned and operated organic farm and a larger scale management company; I have seen business and community from many angles. And I passionately believe that when we participate in our local communities -including buying local- we all thrive.

I want to pass this passion on to as many people as I can by introducing them to those leading the change in our communities. I make these introductions through constructive conversations, that provide insight into what generates success for these businesses; and what has generated joy and courage in these leaders’ personal lives.

Silverside is a consulting and creative agency that partners with small business to address their most important challenges and capture their greatest opportunities. 

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