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Season 4 Episode 1: Just Cause Apparel - Where 50% of Profits Fuel Hope

Our first conversation of Season 4 is out now! LISTEN HERE

I'm joined by Scott Porter, a remarkable cancer surgeon with a passion for giving back. Scott is not only the Vice Chair of Operations in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Prisma Health in Greenville, SC but also the Co-Founder of Just Cause Apparel.

In this episode, Scott shares his journey of founding Just Cause Apparel—a venture born out of his desire to replenish his own 'surgery tank' with hope and positivity.

With a background in medicine and a heart for philanthropy, Scott's story is truly inspiring. Despite the demands on his time, he didn't let excuses hold him back. Instead, he leveraged his vision, network, and the support of a dedicated team to turn his dream into a reality.

For those in need of a motivational boost to pursue their dreams or start a side business, this episode is for you. Scott's journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and the impact that one person can make when driven by purpose.

If you're interested in supporting Just Cause Apparel and its mission to give back, check out their website to start purchasing your company or team's apparel. Let's spread hope together!

Some of the Nonprofits that have been supported by the Just Cause and their clients:

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