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Setting Financial Goals

On the fourth episode of the podcast I sit with Jon Bryson, Creator & Founder of Matty App. Matty App is an application that assists users in achieving short- and long-term financial goals. Matty App uses algorithms and AI to manage your portfolio.

Users can use their lifestyle preferences to let Matty App find the most interesting and relevant investment for them; by scanning the user's social media.

Matty App is the newest tool to bring investing to new generations of potential investors. Millions of Americans have no form of investments and millions more don't know where to start. Financial literacy is not being taught as a priority; and many youths do not have saving accounts or fully understand basic finances.

While Matty App, may not be the answer to all these problems, Jon hopes to be a tide that raises all boats by creating a way for new investors to enter the market as beginners.

This episode is just one piece of a healthy financial picture, and we hope that it inspires our listeners to seek out more education around managing your finances and wealth management.

You can learn more about Matty App at: Matty (short for mattress)

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