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Now On YouTube & Coming Soon Updates!!

Currently, I am in the process of uploading Season 1 to YouTube.

Coming Season 2 will be videos from each episode and videos of our guests' businesses, artwork, clips from the conversations, and tours of facilities.

I look forward to sharing this additional content with you on YouTube, Instagram, and Substack.

Become a member of the podcast today to always receive the full content and extra content from each episode.

Coming soon to Substack additional content for members to use for Start-up Checklists, 10 Things to Consider Before Opening a Business, Business Planning Template, Business Self- Audit, and more.

Memberships are only $5/ month or $55/ annually. Join as a Founding Member for $85/ annually and receive Founding Member-only episodes.

Conversation Mill Podcast is a listener-supported podcast. Thank you for listening, subscribing, and sharing.

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