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Noni-The Sacred Leaf

Bonnie Blackmore joined me on the podcast to discuss her creation-CocoNoni. But Bonnie went a step further and created Conversation Mill salves to share with listeners! Our giveaway runs through August 8th, 2023, with winners announced on August 9th!

Bonnie explains that the Noni tree/fruit has been used as a healing plant for hundreds of years. The early Hawaiians brought it with them when first arrived on the islands.

All small businesses are not the same, and Bonnie teaches us this on the podcast. Money is not always the end result desired or needed. In a world where there was no money what would your currency be? This is a question we explore.

Conversation Mill has a mission of fostering conversations that inspire participation in your local community, and that offer solutions to support local economies. In this episode, Bonnie offers alternative ways to think about how we do that.

I wrote a companion essay to my episode with Bonnie detailing our first meeting and the healing that CocoNoni facilitated for me. You can find this and additional content from the episode on Substack.

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