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More is Death

This past week on SubStack I wrote an essay about our culture's disconnection from nature and what some these consequences are.

I don't know about you, but my phone has not helped my anxiety. The expedience of things has not made me a more patient person and if I don't actively work to step away from our plugged-in state, I start to feel like I don't even know myself.

If we don't learn how to cope, big business, the government, and pharmaceutical companies will continue to leverage that to get what they want from us.

Coming up this season on the podcast is a conversation with Johanna Davis of True North Wellness in Greenville, SC. We talk, keeping things simple and taking time to disconnect. On Episode 11, I speak to The Yatra Sisters who remind us that mindfulness does not have to be meditation in the preconceived way we think about it. Meditation can be spending time under the shade of a tree.

Take some time this week to turn off your devices and take a walk or meet up with a friend that adds value to you.

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