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Liability Laws- Could They Impact Your State Next?

This week on the podcast I sit down and chat with Sheila Merck of SC Venue Crisis. She shares the skyrocketing insurance costs bars, music venues, and similar establishments face. While this issue has many nuances, it stems from a tragic motor vehicle accident involving an uninsured driver in the state of South Carolina.

However, the impact of a bill passed in South Carolina and the lax liability laws, that allow for multiple venues to be sued for the maximum amount, no matter their percentage of contributing to the incident, has led insurance companies to leave South Carolina and/or stop insuring these venues or raise the prices. These price increases are causing bars to close, layoffs of staff, or price increases passed on to the customer.

Join us in conversation and learn what SC Venue Crisis is doing to bring awareness to this issue. They believe more personal responsibility needs to be factored into these bills, and common-sense liability laws that do not punish small business owners working to do the right thing.

What are the liability laws in your state? This could happen anywhere and if you want to keep small business owners in business and your costs low as a consumer, being aware of bills being passed in your state that could have negative trickle-down effects is key.

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