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Kiss of Aloha

We have been blessed with some stellar guests and beautiful stories on this podcast, but Josh Bogle takes the stories we've shared to a new level.

Josh is vulnerable, honest, and hopeful in our recent conversation. He shares his struggle with addiction and life-changing health issues.

If you have not caught this episode yet, you are missing a story that will encourage your soul to try harder and to never give up. Josh has been to the place between life and death. He chooses life.

Now he is giving back to one of the aspects of our world that helped save his life; the ocean. Josh participates in beach clean-ups on remote hard-to-reach beaches and shores of Maui. Check out the resources below to learn more about keeping our oceans and shorelines clean and healthy.

Josh understands the importance of giving back and how those acts of service can help save you from the darkness that so easily can envelop us.

Do you have a story to share or someone in your community whose story should be told? Reach out to me through our site's contact form or email us at

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