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Setting the Stage

Episodes 1.1-1.3 are live September 5th! In episode 1.1 I share a quick history of the small village of Hingham, Wisconsin and the boom town it almost was and the Memorial Day tradition it still holds.

This first episode sets the stage for the life of the podcast, as it grows. By beginning at my beginning, I hope to give listeners an idea of my motivations and a better understanding of the early life that shaped me. From that rural community, that could be easy to idealize, I have been able to put it in perspective relative to all the other places I have lived and traveled. Having seen the pros and cons of these places and of where I grew up and meeting some incredible community leaders working to create safe, diverse, economically sound towns and cities for future generations.

The first step, though, in all of this, is to be able to learn from each other by listening.

Mark your calendars and subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts, so you do not miss the exciting guests I have lined up to join me in this first season of Conversation Mill!

You can also become a member of the Conversation Mill community on Substack at As a paid subscriber you will have access to extended episodes, member sonly episodes, poetry, essay and additional guest content.

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