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Season 2- Hawaiian Islands Edition

I am happy to announce that Season 2 of Conversation Mill will air its first episode on January 9th, 2023.

Season 2 will be featuring Hawaiian-based small businesses, farmers, cultural advisors, artists, and more!

In our first episode, we learn about Aloha and how you can take Aloha back to your community. This season not only gives a platform to these small business owners or artists but shines a light on how we can listen to and learn from indigenous cultures. Why aren't we taking time to learn from thousands of years of history and experience of native cultures who were able to feed millions and maintain the land and respect the sea?

It is time for that to change. Hawai'i is a perfect place to start, a perfect place to talk community and the potential of changing course when it seems too late.

Whether you tune in to learn from small business owners, learn more about Hawaiian history or discover the solutions individuals are using on the islands to ensure food security this is the season for you. Please subscribe wherever you listen and join us on to read and hear more about: bird extinctions in the Hawaiian Islands, endangered monk seal, opihi (the deadliest catch of Hawai'i), and so much more.

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