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I recently wrote 2 short essays that were born out of my conversation with the Executive Director of Mill Village Ministries in Greenville, SC.

We discussed historically African American neighborhoods in our communities and the on-going disenfranchisement that was instituted during the years of segregation and how reconciliation is an on-going process. Complex problems need complex solutions, as Dan reminds us throughout Episode 6 of Conversation Mill Podcast. I state in that same episode that learning from history is fundamental to how we understand what's happening today and how to find reconciliation in the future.

In the two essays, I wrote for The Conversation Mill Substack I explore slavery being a foundational part of the initiation of the civil war and in this second essay I present a place to start to find not just reconciliation but to explore the history that is, in truth, not very far removed from us.

I certainly do not have all the answers; but I do know that if we can start conversations that might be uncomfortable for us and then listen... healing and understanding can begin.

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