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Keeping It Simple With True North Wellness

In episode 16 of Conversation Mill (Live Monday, November 21), I sit down with Johanna Davis Owner & Operator of True North Wellness of Greenville, SC.

Johanna provides yoga classes and a variety of massage modalities. She started her practice with the intention of maintaining a client-focused experience. Johanna shares how she evaluates the individual but also a class full of people to create that personalized experience.

She reminds us how important it is to remember we will not find perfection and that's okay. That keeping it simple is the only place to start, because sometimes all we can do is make it to our mat.

I have always had trouble feeling adequate on my yoga mat, but I have also been focused on the wrong thing. And while I work to be kind and patient with myself, I also need to remember that making it to my mat is plenty, and that the energy I feel that might be affecting me is my responsibility to evaluate and deal with. It is easy to complain about a yoga teacher's style or other class members, but more often than not whatever we are feeling is reflecting our own inner state that needs attention.

I invite you into my conversation with Johanna Davis and ask you to remember to keep it simple and let go of the preconceived ideas you have of what you should be.

Listen HERE.

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