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Depo Market- Sister/Brother Duo

I have been so blessed to have such impactful conversations with small business owners, but I do not think I have had a conversation enlightened and informed me like this one.

Conversations do not have to have a deep intellectual theme to have a remarkable impact.

Sometimes you need to have a transparent and vulnerable one to make a true difference. That was this conversation with jewelry makers, Tiffany & Christian of Depo Market. We tackle the truth around how individuals in our communities with autism and down syndrome are often sent to the back of the house to work if they have an opportunity to work at all. Chris is showing that adults that are differently-abled can work in front of the house and can live more independent lives if given the support to do so.

Their store Depo Market opens soon in Wailuku, HI on Maui and Chris and Tiffany hope to be able to create more jobs for adults like Chris. Listen to their journey HERE.

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