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Conversations of Hope

The #1 lesson of small business is building relationships. Not only will you build relationships with customers, but with other local small business owners, neighbors, and city officials. Eric and Amy Anderson are relationship builders, it is in their DNA and they go out of their way to create special family vacations for their guests.

Fishery Pointe Cottages of Ford River, Michigan is a lakeside oasis, where the Andersons are helping to create family vacation memories.

But it is not just their attention to guests that sets them apart but their attention and love for friends and family. In this episode, Eric and Amy open their hearts to our listeners and share stories that have bought them hope. They remind us that we all need more conversations of hope in our lives today.

What conversations of hope are you having? What does that mean to you and how can you incorporate these conversations into your week or month?

Listen HERE or wherever you get your podcasts to hear Eric and Amy's approach to incorporating hope into their conversations.

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