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Clean Energy/Sustainable Future

Episode 7 of Season 2 find me in conversation with Kelly King, co-founder of Pacific Biodiesel. We discuss the mission of Pacific Biodiesel and how in its 25-year history it has never changed.

Kelly shares how they created a circular economy business model, inspired by the cooking oils being dumped at the landfill.

Pacific Biodiesel is located in the Hawaiian Islands and we met at their farm on Maui, where we chatted and walked the soon-to-be blooming sunflower field. Kelly explains many of the ins and outs of developing their business and the continued challenges are need to be overcome to expand clean energy.

The picture above is of the biodiesel off-grid fueling station in Maalaea Harbor on Maui. To learn more about biodiesel and clean energy visit: and tune in to the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.

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