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3 Part Bonus Episode Announcement

What a pleasure to sit with my soul sister, podcast host, mother of 5, friend, and organic farmer, Theresa Moore. In this 3-part bonus episode, we discuss the importance of having conversations with your kids, listening to understand the lens someone sees the world through, and the challenges of uncomfortable conversations.

Theresa shares her best practices when it comes to fostering trust and respect with her kids.

The host of Conversations To Inspire podcast (launching Dec. 11th, 2022), Theresa Moore, and I dig into having transparent conversations with her kids and the difference that has made in their overall communication style not only as a family but also when they are out in the world.

You can receive Part 1, Start Them Young, for free right to your inbox. Just sign up with your email at Conversation Mill on Substack. To get the other 2 parts delivered right to your inbox and all extended content, exclusive content, and essays subscribe for as low as $5/month or $55/annually.

Part 1, Start Them Young, live November 28th.

Part 2, Tense Conversations, live December 5th.

Part 3, The Lenses We See The World Through, December 12th.

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