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106 Years & Counting: Musgrave Pencil

In the latest episode, I have the honor of sitting down with the co-owner of Musgrave Pencil, Henry Hulan. He shares the trials and tribulations that a 106-year-old company faces and the reward of being at the helm of a family-owned business.

Henry's grandfather opened Musgrave Pencil in Shelbyville, TN where it still stands today. Originally, the company was selling cedar slats to European pencil makers; but the start of WWI meant all parts of the manufacturing needed to be done here in Shelbyville.

Maybe you are thinking...pencils? Who uses pencils anymore? But even if you don't use pencils daily, you would be surprised how many places pencils are in demand. Golf courses and mini golf courses for example, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of carpenter pencils used annually.

I became acquainted with Musgrave Pencil when I ordered pencils with the Conversation Mill name on them. They make a great brand recognition piece!

Check out my conversation with Henry HERE.

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